Shipping policy


5.1. Place of Delivery

An order is sent to the delivery address indicated by the Client. Astartelux Jewelry declines any responsibility in the case of typing errors on the part of the Client, or any consequences proceeding from these errors in terms of lateness or delivery error. In these hypotheses, the eventual cost of re-shipping will be at the Client’s expense.

It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that every measure is taken to take delivery of the order. In the case of failure to deliver arising from the Client’s behalf (missing three attempts to convene a delivery appointment, expiration of the period of time allotted for collection of the package after being informed of the delivery attempt), the order will be returned by the transport company to Astartelux Jewelry and will be at the Client’s disposal at Astartelux Jewelry premises. The order may be re-shipped to the Client upon request further to payment of the cost of re-shipping

5.2. Delays

The manufacture delays of product are given as estimates.

Delivery time for an order may not exceed 30 (thirty) days starting from the date of receipt by Astartelux Jewelry of full payment for the order. Beyond this deadline the Client has the right, if so desired, to allow an extension to Astartelux Jewelry or to cancel the order.

The delivery date is considered to be the date on which the transporter first attempts to deliver to the delivery address supplied by the Client.

5.3. Receipt of the Order

The Client should check the condition and the conformity of the finished products upon receipt. He or she should then formally accept the delivery by signing the delivery docket provided by the transporter. No ulterior claims against the condition of the products as delivered will be accepted as the verification of the condition of the products is considered to have been carried out when the delivery docket is signed.

If, during the delivery, the external appearance of the package is not perfect, the Client shall proceed to open it in the presence of the transporter, in order to check the condition of the products. In case of damage to the products in transit, the Client should refuse the damaged package and note “refused as damaged” on the delivery docket.

In the case where the Client is not the addressee of the order, it is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that the addressee of the package is made aware of the dispositions of the present Terms and Conditions relative to the procedure for receipt of the package.

5.4. Ownership – Risks

Transfer of ownership of the products takes place upon full payment of the price.

Transfer of risk of the products takes place upon delivery of the products.