Recycled Sterling Silver Gold vermeil

Natural Gemstones


A 100 Years Of The Golden Lady

Gëlle Fra Necklace
Ethical gemstones

We are committed to Creating Our Jewelry

Ethically And Respectfully To Our Mother Nature

We use environmentally sustainable materials and we are mindful of the impact we have on our Earth, we constantly strive to minimize it by using recycled gold and silver, responsibly sourced gemstones, reusable packaging made of recycled materials, Carbon neutral shipping and many other practices to minimize our impact and to reduce our carbon footprints.

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The founder

Yasser dallal

''Through Astartelux, I intend to capture the charm and the heritage of ancient designs and techniques to create unique jewelry for the women of today in an ethical, innovative and sustainable way that empowers women and gives back to society...''

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Yasser Dallal sustainable jewelry
custom personalized jewelry

Personalized Jewelry

Custom Design

The very best jewelry professionals have been honing and perfecting their craft for decades. The art of jewelry design and production is a delicate skill that requires extensive dedication, but the true craftsman loves every step of the process...

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One Origin Collection

Necklaces that radiate charm and elegance

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