Astartelux was born out of Yasser Dallal’s creative prowess. Dallal was born and raised in the Eastern Mediterranean region before moving to Istanbul at the age of 17 to study Maritime Science. He was always intrigued by the cultural richness around him especially that which was born out of the Phoenician civilization in the Mediterranean. The Phoenicians were master mariners and great seafaring traders, this clearly struck a chord with Dallal growing up in that region.

In addition to being seafarers and explorers, the Phoenician women, literally had a seat at every table, sharing responsibilities across politics, religion and trade. The goddess of fertility, love and warfare, Astarte, is a symbol of the strength of women in the Mediterranean long before the Greek and Roman civilizations emerged.

While living in Istanbul, Dallal spent over 10 years working with various NGOs across the Eastern Mediterranean region helping women and displaced children, establishing education programs in war zones, whilst soaking up the rich cultures. During this time of volunteering, he was stricken by the contrast between the place of women in the Eastern Mediterranean societies since 2500 BC until today.

In 2020, he founded Astartelux in Luxembourg to bring the Phoenician craftsmanship back to life and to remember and rediscover the power of women through jewelry.