Astartelux was born out of Yasser Dallal’s creative prowess. Dallal was born and raised in the Eastern Mediterranean region before moving to Istanbul at the age of 17 to study Maritime Science. He was always intrigued by the cultural richness around him, especially that born out of the Phoenicians, who were master mariners and great seafaring traders.While living in Istanbul, Dallal worked for more than 9 years with various INGOs across the Mediterranean region to help displaced women and children, and to establish education programs in war zones. During this time of volunteering, he was struck by the contrast between the place of women in the Eastern Mediterranean societies since 2500 BC until today. The Phoenician woman literally had a seat at every table sharing responsibilities in politics, religion, commerce, and governance, while today she is struggling to protect her rights already guaranteed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Astartelux is inspired by Phoenician civilization, which dominated the Mediterranean basin from the 2nd millennium BC and had a massive impact on world history. They invented the first alphabet as well as Tyrian purple.

The brand takes its name from the Mediterranean goddess, Astarte, who represents the power and importance of women in the society and everyday life. The goddess of fertility, love and warfare, Astarte, is a symbol of the strength of women in the Mediterranean and Mesopotamia long before the Greek and Roman civilizations emerged.

In 2020, Dallal founded Astartelux Jewelry to bring Phoenician craftsmanship back to life and to rediscover the power of women through unique timeless designs, with the mission to contribute to the conservation and preservation of the world's cultural heritage by bringing the techniques and the designs of our ancient civilizations back to life in an ethical and sustainable way.

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Education for children

We believe in the might of education and the role it plays in harnessing a child’s potential. We uphold every child’s right to quality education and trust that it will lead to a better world and future where human rights are respected and fundamental freedom is available for all peoples. Time again has been proven that education can have a transformational impact on an entire generation and lead to economic and social development. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela.